This mix was inspired by recent (and reoccurring events) in America. We seem to be singing the same songs from the Civil Rights era to the BLM movement. Cococa Butter Blues continues. Take a listen to the sounds of blackness in America. IMG_0438

The Affirmed.

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Since the start of 2017, I’ve been very intentional about affirming myself more and I must say, it makes a difference. With the major influence music has on us, I was prompted in my spirit to create a mixtape that would lift us up, at a time where some have tried to break us down. I made this mix to minister to myself and to others. I made this mix to challenge us to go after greatness. I made this mix to remind us that “we are MORE than conquerors!” (Romans 8:37). When you listen to this, I want you walk away with a refreshed, new mind set. Fight for the vision that God has given you. You CAN indeed live the life you desire to live. Be affirmed.

Fear Won’t Win | Glittered in Goals

I had the pleasure of djing for such an inspiring event this past weekend. Check out the pics below from @frorealdoe presents “Fear Won’t Win// Glittered in Goals”! Look out for more awesome events from this amazing woman. Visit her website here to learn more about the event!

Photos by @4ledphotos